The Superjesus

The Superjesus are an Australian rock band formed in Adelaide in late 1994. Their debut album, Sumo, peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart, their second album, Jet Age reached No. 5 and their third album, Rock Music peaked at No. 14. Their top 40 singles include "Down Again" (1997), "Now and Then" (1998), "Gravity" (2000) and "Stick Together" (2003). At the ARIA Music Awards of 1997 they won Best New Talent for Eight Step Rail and Breakthrough Artist – Single for "Shut My Eyes". The group disbanded in mid-2004 and reunited in 2013 with mainstay members Paul Berryman on drums, Sarah McLeod on lead vocals and Stuart Rudd on bass guitar.

Derniers albums

2003 - Rock Music 2003 - Rock Music
2001 - Jet Age 2001 - Jet Age
1998 - Sumo II 1998 - Sumo II
1998 - Sumo 1998 - Sumo

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