Teengenerate were a Japanese punk rock band from 1993 to 1996, known for their fun style of playing garage punk with a sense of humor and often incomprehensible English lyrics. After disbanding for a time, some of its members went on to start the band Firestarter. At the time of their split, Teengenerate consisted of Fink, Fifi, Sammy (bass) and Shoe (drums). Their original drummer was called Suck. In 2005, Teengenerate reformed for a series of shows worldwide, gaining new fans and gathering old ones back into the fold. Other past bands that featured Teengenerate members include: Fifi and the Mach III, the Raydios and the Tweezers. The Teengenerate song "My GTO" was used in the 2000 film, Wild Zero, directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi.

Derniers albums

2015 - Live at Shelter 2015 - Live at Shelter
1996 - Savage 1996 - Savage
1995 - Smash Hits! 1995 - Smash Hits!
1995 - Get Action! 1995 - Get Action!

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