Pál Utcai Fiúk

Pál Utcai Fiúk is one of the most popular hungarian rock band. It was founded on the summer of 1983 by friends and schoolmates in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary. The founders (who are still members today) are: Leskovics Gábor (guitar, vocals), Potondi Anikó (vocals). Apart from them several drummers, saxophonists and guitarists contributed to the band's successes during the years. http://www.puf.hu

Derniers albums

2021 - Ha jön az élet... 2021 - Ha jön az élet...
2008 - Legelő 2008 - Legelő
2004 - Közönséges 2004 - Közönséges
1997 - Best Of Pál Utcai Fiúk 1997 - Best Of Pál Utcai Fiúk

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