Much The Same

Much The Same is a punk rock band from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Their style is based on the fast, melodic skate punk of the mid-to-late 1990s made popular by bands such as NOFX, Lagwagon, and No Use for a Name. The band began in 1999 under the name Don't Look Down and changed to Much The Same in 2001 after a legal dispute with the now-defunct New Jersey band Don't Look Down. They released the Caught Off Guard EP in 2001 on Tank Records, Quitters Never Win on A-F Records in 2003 and Survive in 2006 through Nitro Records.

Derniers albums

2019 - Everything Is Fine 2019 - Everything Is Fine
2006 - Survive 2006 - Survive
2003 - Quitters Never Win 2003 - Quitters Never Win

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