Lifetime was rooted in the New York/New Jersey hardcore punk scene & formed in New Brunswick, NJ, USA (1990). The band's founders were Ari Katz (vocals) & Dan Yemin (guitars - also of Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and Armalite). In contrast to the negative, sometimes violent, tone promulgated by New York hardcore contemporaries - Katz's lyrics emphasized more positive / personal themes, in their two-minute songs. In 1992, Lifetime released their first full length album

Derniers albums

2007 - Lifetime 2007 - Lifetime
2006 - Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey 2006 - Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey
1997 - Jersey's Best Dancers 1997 - Jersey's Best Dancers
1995 - Hello Bastards 1995 - Hello Bastards

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