(1.) Karthago were founded in Berlin by Joey Albrecht (originally from Hannover) and Gerald Luciano Hartwig. Since 1968 they had performed together in clubs as the duo Blues Machine. In 1970 they engaged the Bolivian percussionist Thomas Goldschmitt (mainly hand percussion) and soon landed a recording contract with BASF. Just a month before the recordings of their first album began, two additional members were added to their line-up: Ingo Bischof and Wolfgang Brock.

Derniers albums

1994 - Karthago 1994 - Karthago
1987 - Live at the Roxy 1987 - Live at the Roxy
1975 - Rock 'n' Roll Testament 1975 - Rock 'n' Roll Testament
1974 - Second Step 1974 - Second Step

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