The Carpathians, the mountains that surround the Hungarian ethnicity and have become the symbol of this region. There are 2 artists using this name: - The hungarian folk band, - The hungarian rock band. 1) The folk band: Kárpátia (Carpathia) Ensemble has recently been founded by well-known folk musicians. All members of the band are in their mid-twenties; they belong to the third generation of the so-called “dancing house” movement, an attempt to save folk culture from oblivion and urbanisation.

Derniers albums

2021 - Piros, fehér, zöld 2021 - Piros, fehér, zöld
2021 - Így volt, így lesz! 2021 - Így volt, így lesz!
2021 - Tűzzel, vassal 2021 - Tűzzel, vassal
2021 - Regnum Marianum 2021 - Regnum Marianum

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