Karat, also known as K...! (from January 2006 to June 2007), is a German rock band, founded in Berlin in what was then East Germany in 1975. One of East Germany's best-known bands, Karat were also popular outside the GDR, with their most notable success their 1982 album Der blaue Planet (The Blue Planet), which was one of the year's top sellers in West Germany. "Über sieben Brücken mußt du geh'n" (You Must Cross Seven Bridges), is the band's best-known song

Derniers albums

2021 - Star Collection 2021 - Star Collection
2021 - lupenrein 2021 - lupenrein
2021 - The Essential 2021 - The Essential
2021 - Die größten Hits 2021 - Die größten Hits

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