Just Surrender

Just Surrender is an American rock band from Dover Plains, New York, formerly known as A Second Chance. Just Surrender was formed by three high school friends from Dover High School in Dover Plains, NY, Jason "Jay" Maffucci, Andy Meunier, and Steve Miller. Vocalist/guitarist Dan Simons, formerly of "The Record Collection," joined the original three members; the group was a four-piece until 2008. The band is known for the up-beat mood in their music, and for not having a lead vocalist, but rather having two vocalists who "share the spotlight." The group has since released three studio albums and one EP.

Derniers albums

2010 - Phoenix 2010 - Phoenix
2007 - We're In Like Sin 2007 - We're In Like Sin
2005 - If These Streets Could Talk 2005 - If These Streets Could Talk

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