Hobo Blues Band

Hungarian cult-band, formed in 1977. With front member and singer Földes László (Hobo), HBB's work is tied strongly with arts, poetry, and writing. Their music is influenced by traditional blues, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors, they made many Hungarian adaptations themselves. The members were constantly changing, many of the decade's best Hungarian performers played with them. The members of the last lineup (Fehér-Nagy-Hárs-Gyenge) decided not to continue making music with Hobo in 2008.

Derniers albums

2021 - Gyöngy a sárban 2021 - Gyöngy a sárban
2021 - Hajtók dala 2021 - Hajtók dala
2012 - Kopaszkutya Koncert 1981 2012 - Kopaszkutya Koncert 1981
2010 - Halj meg és nagy leszel! 2010 - Halj meg és nagy leszel!

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