Faithful Breath

( Faithful Breath was one of Germany's oldest rock/metal bands, formed back in the late 60's by the duo of Heinz Mikus and Horst Stabenow. It wasn't until 1974 that they released their first album, the now-coveted Fading Beauty, an ambitious project that owes much to progressive rock and apparently bears little resemblance to their later metallic years. By the early 80's they began to pick up steam, adopting a Viking image (first seen on their humorous Rock Lions album cover) and a more hard rock stance.

Derniers albums

2021 - Rock Lions / Hard Breath 2021 - Rock Lions / Hard Breath
2012 - Rock Lions/Hard Breath 2012 - Rock Lions/Hard Breath
1994 - Gold 'n' Glory 1994 - Gold 'n' Glory
1991 - Fading Beauty 1991 - Fading Beauty

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