Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor are an English rock band from York, England. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Alex Davies, vocalist and guitarist Ed Minton, drummer Dan Hetherton, bassist Ed Hetherton and keyboardist Ali Paul. The band had a string of Top 40 singles in the UK chart, including "Jessica", "The White One Is Evil", "Still Figuring Out" alongside their biggest hit "Parallel Worlds". In 2010, the band entered an indefinite hiatus which lasted until 2014 when they played some reunion shows and released a new single before returning to their hiatus.

Derniers albums

2009 - Solaris 2009 - Solaris
2008 - Elliot Minor 2008 - Elliot Minor
0 - Solaris Acoustic 0 - Solaris Acoustic

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