Dolly Roll

Dolly Roll was a Hungarian pop band, which was established in 1983 from the ex-members of the band Hungária. Their first LP, Vakáció-ó-ó sold 250 thousand copies within two months. In 1984, they went on a tour in Hungary, performing in 50 places. They released a new album every year. In both 1986-87 and 1992 the band when through some changes in membership. In 1998, they held a concert in Budapest Sportcsarnok. In 2017, their lead singer, Dolly announced, that the band will cease to perform. Throughout their first thirty years, they sold more than five million records.

Derniers albums

2021 - Emlékszel Még? - Best Of Dolly Roll 2021 - Emlékszel Még? - Best Of Dolly Roll
1999 - Poperett 1999 - Poperett
1989 - Dupla vagy semmi 1989 - Dupla vagy semmi
1988 - Zakatol A Szív... 1988 - Zakatol A Szív...

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